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J.C. Renfroe 7 1/2 Ton Snatchblock with Hook (Bronze Bushing or Roller Bearing)

J.C. Renfroe 7 1/2 Ton Snatchblock with Hook

Product Description

Just as with any Renfroe product, we have our reputation, experience and our proven dependability hanging from every lifting and rigging product we manufacture. And now we’re proud to offer a new line of snatch blocks, from hook to shackle to tailboard, featuring the same quality and proof testing, as all of our Renfroe products. Reach for our new snatch block with the reassurance that it’s Renfroe.

Product Description

  • Moveable Side - Allows rope insertion while hanging. Do not have to disconnect and re-connect wire rope.
  • Forged Alloy Hook - Hook will not break but will straighten out before failure. Visual sign of overload.
  • Swivel Pin Stop - Pivot pin will stay in swivel while reeving, no lost pins.
  • Safety Latch - Prevents disconnection from anchor point. Prevents load hook from disconnecting when not under load. Visual sign of overload, alerts operator to bad hook.
  • Sheave Pin Diameter - Low surface velocity between sheave and sheave pin. Promotes longer sleeve bearing life.
  • Sheave Pin Lubrication Fitting - Allows lubrication of sleeve bearing without disassembly of snatch block. Reduced friction between sleeve bearing and sheave pin promoting increased sleeve bearing life.
  • Selective Sheave and Swivel Pin Materials - Reliable material quality, predictable shear properties.
  • Sheave Fleet Angle - Wide angle of rope lead in, promotes increased life of rope.
  • Selective Side Plate Material - Harder material surface, allows snatch block use in adverse conditions.
  • Proof Tested - Product integrity, assures safe operation at WLL

Product Dimensions

Renfroe Snatch Block Dimensions Renfroe Snatch Block Dimensions

Product Details

Renfroe Snatch Block Dimensions
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