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Installations & Modernizations

Ace Industries Inc. has a history of being the service provider of choice for installations and major modernizations. Ace's reputation for innovation and execution is backed by years of field experience, with the support of a robust engineering department. When consulting with our customers, realistic budget estimates that factor “what it will take to do the job right” is one of our primary goals.

Installation and modernization projects vary in size and complexity. Whether a project involves a 1 ton or an 800 Ton, Ace has the technical experience and resources to be the primary consultant of choice. Here is one example of a large modernization project completed on time and within budget.

Ace Industries Awarded Three Large Capacity Crane Modernizations

Ace Industries was awarded three major modernizations in Tennessee designed to improve the crane performance, reliability, availability and safety of the overhead bridge cranes. The modernizations include complete control upgrades, brake replacements, motor refurbishment and various mechanical repairs. The project includes the following cranes which are scheduled to begin production in June 2009.

  • 800 Ton Indoor Crane
  • 400 Ton Outdoor Crane
  • 300 Ton Indoor Crane

Ace Industries also performs removal services for equipment such as the 400 ton outdoor bridge crane pictured below. Ace technicians completed this removal during harsh weather conditions in order to meet the timeline provided by the customer. Throughout the difficult circumstances, safety was never compromised and the project was completed on time and within budget.