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11,200lb. Eye & Eye - 3/4" Wire Rope Sling

11,200lb. Eye & Eye - 3/4" Wire Rope Sling

Wire Rope Sling - 11,200lb. Eye & Eye

Wire rope slings are strong, efficient, and reliable accessories in the material handling industry. Wire rope functions as an excellent sling material in applications where a combination of strength and abrasion are necessary. Wire rope slings are available in an array of lengths and configurations to fit almost any application. Stren-Flex features wire rope slings made with high quality domestic wire rope that are tagged with all appropiate ASME information and capacities.

Wire Rope Class Rope Dia. (in.) Sling Leg Rated Capacity (Tons)
Vertical Choker Basket
6 X 19 3/4 5.6 4.1 11
Length of Sling
Base Price: $35.51 Customized Price: $35.51
  • 3ft