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Chain Falls Chain Hoist

1 Ton Chester Hand Chain Hoist - Zephyr

Chester Zephyr Hand Chain Hoist; 1 Ton Capacity

The Chester Zephyr is a thoroughly engineered hoist from every standpoint. It has been made light in weight, compact and sturdy enough to serve as a rigger's hoist. Its simplicity of design makes it easy to service and main, insures long touble-free periods of service. It is a stronger, more durable hoist because its fully enclosed construction makes it more shock resistant and impervious to practically any normal operating condition. Outdoors or in, the Zephyr hoist can withstand weather extremes.

  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Durable steel frame with heat treated load bearing components
  • Economical in both purchase price and parts replacement
  • Rugged steel gear
  • 4-to-1 design factor for optimum strength at load bearing points
  • Metric capacity
  • Strong steel gear and handwheel covers for impact resistance and durability
  • Forged steel hooks
  • Simple assembly and low maintenance features
  • Load tested before shipment
  • Optional load limiter available
Model: Capacity: Body Type: Chain Overhauled to lift load 1ft: Chain Pull to lift full load: Weight:
Zephyr 1 Ton Steel 33ft 70lb 46lb
Select the lifting height you require. Standard lift id 8'.
Base Price: $1,437.98 Customized Price: $1,437.98
  • 8 ft.