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125lbs. Harrington Electric Hoist - Dual Speed - 69/13 fpm, Single Phase, 120/1/60, ED

125lbs. Harrington Electric Hoist - 69 fpm, Single Phase, 120/1/60, ED Superseded by

Harrington ED Electric Chain Hoist, 125lb Capacity. Dual Speed.

The ED Series offers the user a powerful combination of benefits such as a wide variety of lifting speeds, low headroom designed to fit most applications, and a unique, ergonomically designed, one handed cylinder control that results in maximum load control. These features tied together with convenience of single-phase power, make these hoists ideal for both commercial and industrial applications.


  • Double Braking System - Provides protection with a Weston-style mechanical load brake and a regenerative brake.
  • Compact Design - Die-cast Aluminum body is lightweight and lowheadroom to fit into tight areas. Easy to install, move and store.
  • Heavy Duty Motor - With .4 to .8 horsepower is above standard for industrial situations. The compact DC motor with rectifier for AC current reduces weight, generates less heat and maintains duty cycles.
  • High Performance Friction Clutch - Is integrated with the load brake and designed to slip to prevent overwinding or overtravel.
  • Heat Treated Gearing - Deep- groove ball and needle bearings are immersed in an oil bath resulting in smooth, quiet operation.
  • Model ED - 125lb Capacity
    Lift Speed: Voltage: Hp: Weight:
    69/13fpm 120V 0.4 23lbs
    Chain Container
    Select whether or not you would like a chain container with your hoist.
    Suspension Option
    Base Price: $2,020.00 Customized Price: $2,020.00
    • 10ft
    • Without Chain Container
    • Hook Mount