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3 Ton CM Wire Rope Hoist - 16 fpm, Three Phase, 30ft Lift, Polaris

3 Ton CM Wire Rope Hoist - 16 fpm, Three Phase, 30ft Lift, Polaris

3 Ton CM Polaris Powered Wire Electric Hoist

Comes with 30' of lift (Including Wired Control). 16 fpm lifting speed. 3 phase. Load brake. Motor Driven Trolley Suspension

CM Polaris wire rope hoists are ideally suited for virtually any lifting application of up to five tons. Their modular design and versatility provide a wide range of capacities, lifts, hoisting speeds, and control options, making it possible to select the most efficient hoist for the job without wasted capacity or overkill. The compact design and closer end approaches of the standard CM Polaris hoist allows an unusually high hook lift, as compared to many socalled low headroom hoists, without resorting to design compromises. Polaris hoists maximize hook coverage within an existing facility, reducing or eliminating the need for costly rebuilding or remodeling.

  • Triple Reduction helical/spur gearing operates in oil bath lube for maximum gearing life
  • Anti-friction bearings for long- lasting hoist drive train
  • Magnetic heavy-duty reversing contactor
  • Motor mounted disc brakes
  • Spark resistant units available
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in U.S.A.
Polaris - 3 Ton
Lift Speed: Voltage: Hp: Weight
16fpm  230/460V 4 560lb
Hoist Accesories
CM extras that do not come stock
Two-speed adder [Add $517.25]
Two-speed trolley adder [Add $434.66]
Control Enclosures- Weather resistant hoist & trolley [Add $262.97]
Fused Control Circuit [Add $371.63]
Wieght Watcher Overload [Add $380.33]
Mainline Power [Add $830.20]
Trolley Brake [Add $428.14]
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Base Price: $8,267.36 Customized Price: $8,267.36
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