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3 Ton Shaw-Box Wire Rope Hoist - 9 or 18 fpm, Three Phase, 30ft Lift, 800 Series

3 Ton Coffing Wire Rope Hoist - 14 or 21 fpm, Three Phase, WR Superseded by

Shaw-Box 800 Series 80M03-030S09/18 3 Ton Powered Wire Electric Hoist

Product Features

Comes with 30' of lift (Including Wired Control). 9/18 fpm lifting speed. 3 phase. Load brake. Motor Driven Trolley Suspension

SHAW-BOX 800 Series wire rope hoists are ideally suited for virtually any lifting application of up to five tons. Their modular design and versatility provide a wide range of capacities, lifts, hoisting speeds, and control options, making it possible to select the most efficient hoist for the job without wasted capacity or overkill. The compact design and closer end approaches of the standard 800 Series hoist allows an unusually high hook lift, as compared to many socalled low headroom hoists, without resorting to design compromises. 800 Series hoists maximize hook coverage within an existing facility, reducing or eliminating the need for costly rebuilding or remodeling.

  • Easily accessible control enclosure facilities maintenance
  • D.C. disc motor brake for smooth braking action
  • High torque, heavy-duty hoist motor for smooth hoisting action
  • Block operated upper limit stop to limit upward hook travel
  • Convenient one-handed push button control for easy operation of all motions
  • 115 volts at push button for operator safety
  • Push-button cable with built-in strain reliever cable as used on single speed hoist applications. (All others use a separate steel strain reliever cable.)
  • Improved plow steel pre-formed cable for maximum strength and life
  • Full-swiveling, heat-treated forged steel hook with spring loaded latch
  • Shrouded lower block to help prevent pinched fingers
  • Additional Features

  • Alloy aluminum gear case and cover is lightweight yet rugged
  • Oil level plug permits easy inspection of oil level
  • Anti-friction bearings throughout for a long lasting hoist drive train
  • Positive action mechanical load lowering control brake, also acts as a part of the hoist holding brake system
  • Triple reduction helical/spur gearing operates in oil bath lube for maximum gearing life
  • Deep grooved, large diameter rope drum helps prevent rope overwrap for longer wire rope life. Heavy welded steel frame ensures precise fit for long hoisting machinery life

  • Shaw Box 800 Series - 3 Ton:  80M03-030S09 80M03-030S18
    Lift Speed: 9fpm 18fpm
    Voltage: 230/460V 230/460V
    Hp: 2 4
    Weight: 535lb 560lb

    Product Specs

    Lifting Speed
    Hoist Accessories
    Shaw Box extras that do not come stock
    None [Add $0.00]
    Two-speed adder [Add $502.18]
    Two-speed trolley adder [Add $422.00]
    Control Enclosures - Weather resistant hoist & trolley [Add $255.31]
    Fused Control Circuit [Add $341.82]
    Weight Watcher Overload [Add $369.25]
    Mainline Power [Add $806.02]
    Trolley Brake [Add $415.67]
    Base Price: $8,428.48 Customized Price: $8,428.48
    • 9fpm