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2 Ton Harrington Electric Hoist - 7 fpm, Single Phase, SNER

2 Ton Harrington Electric Chain Hoist, SNER

Product Description

Customizable Options: Lift Speed, Lift, Suspension, Chain Container. (Note: Control Cord will be 4' less than lift selected)

Harrington's SNER electric chain hoists are full-featured and have earned recognition for their world class design. The SNER model includes a low headroom aluminum body, fan-cooled brake and motor, standard thermal motor protection and pull-rotor brake in a very economical package.  Simply the best hoists on the market!

Product Details





Capacity (Tons)


Duty Cycle


Lifting Speed (fpm)



115/230 V



Weight, Base Model (lbs)


Product Features

  • Extreme Duty Motor - Increased performance through 60 minute duty rating, H4 classification, Class B insulation, cooling fins, and standard thermal motor protection. Offers higher horsepower than most competitors.
  • External Motor Fan - Functions to quickly eliminate motor and brake heat. This results in improved hoist duty rating and greatly lengthens brake life. Motor is totally enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC).
  • Pull-Rotor Motor Brake - Extremely durable and reliable, this advanced design contains no brake coil to fail like conventional disc brakes.
  • Compact Aluminum Body - Die-cast body is lightweight and offers low headroom — one of the best in the industry. Paint is electrostatically applied.
  • Durable Push-Button Pendant - Easy to use, one-handed operation. Rated IP65. Standard control voltage is 110V. Strain relief wire is molded to pendant cord for added support and dependability.
  • Forged Carbon Steel Hooks - Under excessive loads will open gradually and not fracture. Ball bearings produce smooth rotation. Bottom hook will swivel 360 degrees. Heavy-duty hook latches are standard.
  • Unique Chain Guide - Provides quiet and smooth guiding of chain. Easily replaced without disassembly of hoist. Heavy cast iron construction for improved wear versus stamped steel design offered by many manufacturers.
  • Load Sheave - Deep-groove pockets fully support the load chain during operation. Reduces vibration and chain wear and provides a true vertical lift.
  • Long Life Friction Clutch - Protects hoist from damage and prevents overwinding. ER Series couples Weston-style load brake with friction clutch.
  • Completely Sealed Body - Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, including harsh environments. Gaskets throughout the hoist provide for an IP55 rating.
  • Heat Treated Helical and Spur Gears - Precision machined for long life. Oil bath lubrication results in a quiet, smooth, cool operation.
  • Count Hour Meter - This maintenance feature, supplied as standard on the ER Series hoists, tracks motor starts, running time and usage history by instant digital display. Meter operates independently of the hoist.
  • Easy Maintenance Control Panel - Simple layout of controls and a single swing-out panel. Hinged controller cover provides standard wiring diagram and allows fast on-site access.
  • Plug-In Connections - Saves valuable time on setup and maintenance. “Quick disconnect” replaces typical competitive hard-wired designs.

Downloads and Other Documents

Select the lifting height you require. Standard lift is 10' with 6' control cord length. Note: The control cord is always 4' less the lift. If you require a different control cord length call us to customize.
Chain Container
Select wether or not you would like a chain container with your hoist.
Suspension Option
Hook, Lug and all Trolleys
Select the suspension option you want
Wire hoist for selected voltage.
Power Cord
Add to the power cord length, the hoist comes with 15 ft.
Guide Wire Kits
If you extend your power cable you may wish to add a guide kit to festoon the cable.
For power cables. Includes: 3/16 in. diameter stranded cable, eye bolts, u-clamps.
Base Price: $2,925.50 Customized Price: $2,925.50
  • 10 ft.
  • Without Chain Container
  • Rigid Hook
  • 115V
  • 15 ft.
  • No Guide