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1,100 lb. J.D. Neuhaus Mini500 Air Hoist

1,100 lb. J.D. Neuhaus Mini500 Air Hoist

1,100 lb. Capacity J.D. Neuhaus Mini500 Air Hoist

Product Description

The JDN Mini-500 is the most compact air hoist, with a carrying capacity of up to 1100 lbs. The Mini has been redesigned to meet the need of almost any application. Its intelligent construction increases the number of operating hours of the new JDN Mini through targeted optimization to 800 hours, thus doubling the amount of time. This considerably enhances its efficiency in comparison to the previous model. Doubling the lifetime makes a significant contribution to the reduction of the total cost of ownership (TCO), since the extended service life means that new devices are purchased much less frequently to replace units that have reached the end of their service life.

Product Features

  • Height of Lift: 16 feet, galvanized zinc load chain
  • Composite chain container
  • Ergo 2 lever control station, with lever guard
  • True variable speed pilot control system design
  • JDN patented cartridge design grease charged air motor
  • Integrated pneumatic lifting and lowering limit switches
  • 90 degree swivel main air fitting with air lock quick disconnects
  • Top Hook: Twist-Lock Safety Hook
  • Integrated NFC Data Chip
  • Explosion Protection: EX II GD IIA T4 (Class 1 Div 2 Zone 2)

Downloads and Other Documents

    Choose between 16' or 26' Lift
    Base Price: $3,784.80 Customized Price: $3,784.80
    • 16'