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1/8 Ton CM Lodestar VS Variable Speed Electric Chain Hoist - 32fpm

1/8 Ton CM Lodestar VS Variable Speed Electric Chain Hoist - 32fpm

CM Lodestar VS Electric Chain Hoist, 1/8 Ton Capacity. Variable Speed

Product Description

If you’re looking unsurpassed VFD performance, look no further than the Lodestar VS featuring the Magnetek IMPULSE® G+ Mini drive. Modern in design, Magnetek drives provide reliable, user-friendly controls and come equipped with industry-leading safety features to keep you working safely. Paired with our user-friendly interface, operators can easily adjust and monitor hoist performance and conduct on-the-spot troubleshooting, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime.

Adjust & Monitor Hoist Performance with Easy-To-Use interface

Whether you need to adjust your hoist operating speeds or check motor run time and over-current events, the Lodestar VS puts the information you need at your fingertips. The convenient, easy-to-access port eliminates the need to remove hoist end cover to connect to the hoist. The operator can simply plug the hoist into a computer or tablet to program the hoist and change or access performance information. The Lodestar VS features CM HI-Tech™ (Hoist Interface Technology) – one of the easiest to use computer interfaces on the market developed exclusively by Columbus McKinnon. CM HI-Tech is designed for ease of use, allowing you to choose the control method of the hoist as well as the maximum, minimum and, if applicable, medium speed of the hoist. Compatible with Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista and Windows 7, 8 and 10, the Lodestar VS interface also provides: • Built-in error prevention that ensures the hoist is programmed correctly, rejecting incorrect parameters and prompting the operator to make corrections before programming is complete. • Acceleration and deceleration rates automatically calculated based on control methods and speed selections. • Comprehensive hoist status information, including start/stop cycles, motor run time, DC bus voltage as well as over temp and over current events. Hoist fault information is also available.

All CM Lodestar VS electric chain hoists are made in the USA!

Product Details




Model A or AA

Capacity (Tons)


Duty Cycle

Exceeds H4

Lifting Speed (FPM)

32 or 60 FPM

Number of Chains


Weight, Base Model (lbs)


Product Features

  • Up to 3 ton capacities for heavyduty industrial applications.
  • Gear train lifetime lubricated with non-oxidizing grease.
  • 5-Pocket Lift Wheel provides excellent chain and lift wheel engagement for smoother lifting and reduced vibration, equating to less wear and a longer chain life. Zinc plating protects chain from environmental conditions.
  • Gearing designed for exceptionally long life and quiet operation.
  • Rugged control station (NEMA 4X)
  • Hoist duty motor, standard Protector overload device and standard screw type limit switches.
  • Designed for greater productivity, efficiency and economy.
  • 80% reduction in sound pressure as compared to the classic Lodestar.
  • Heavy-duty DC brake is designed for a long service life.
  • No special tools required to disassemble.
  • High reliability and long life.
  • Each hoist thoroughly inspected and tested to over 125% of rated load prior to shipment.
  • Meets ASME B30.16
  • Metric rated

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Chain Container
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Additional Options
Programming Interface [Add $97.00]
Base Price: $1,789.29 Customized Price: $1,789.29
  • 230/3/60
  • 32 fpm 2-Step Multi-Step
  • 10 ft.
  • 10 ft.
  • Chain Container 10' - 20' Lift (Included)