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1/4 Ton Harrington Air hoist - 52 fpm, Pull Cord Controlled, TCR

1/4 Ton Harrington Air hoist - 52 fpm, Pull Cord Controlled, TCR

1/4 Ton Harrington TCR Airhoist - Pull Cord

Harrington's TCR air chain hoists are designed with a heavy-duty standard body and are able to lift heavy loads in the most demanding or harsh environments. Available in cord control which allows operator to remain within reach of the load and pendant control that provides easier inching or feathering and permits operation from a remote location.

  • Brake - Internal disc brake, completely protected from environment.
  • Overload Limiter - Air balancing type, adjustable. Protects hoist & operator.
  • Chain Guide - Heavy cast iron; forgiving of angle pulling; easily replaceable without disassembling hoist.
  • Feathering Control - Only "Pilot Air" is routed through pendant. Pilot air controls main spool, which "meters" line air to air motor.
  • Air Motor - Vane type. Spring-loaded vanes maintain seal between vane and cylinder wall. The result is excellent speed control, even at/for slow speeds.
  • Muffler - Muffler made of bonded nylon fiber, housed in cast iron chamber for quiet operation.
  • Model: Type: Lifting Speed: Shipping Weight:
    TCR  - 1/4  Ton Pull Cord 52fpm 66lbs
    Select the lifting height you require. Standard lift is 10' with 6' cord length. Note: The control cord is always 4' less the lift. If you require a different control cord length, call us to customize.
    It is highly recommended that you add this item which filters any particles, regulates the air flow, and lubricates the hoist.
    Suspension Option
    Select the suspension option you would like.
    Base Price: $2,553.03 Customized Price: $2,553.03
    • 10 ft.
    • Without Filter, Regulator, Lubricator
    • Rigid Hook