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4-Button Electromotive  - SBP2 Series Pendant Station

4-Button Electromotive - SBP2 Series Pendant Station

Electromotive SBP2 4 Button Pendant Station

The SBP2 Pendant Pushbutton stations provide optimum control and performance with less effort and fatigue than traditional pendants. The SBP's unigue double-spring push button design gives you absolute control, and the high-impact resistant and watertight housing will survive even the most brutal environments.

  • Ergonomic design for greater comfort and less fatigue.
  • Polycarbonate pendant enclosure is double-insulated and chemically resistant.
  • NEMA 1,3,4,4X, and 12.
  • Single and two speed button pairs have mechanical interlocks, which offer greater safety against enabling unwanted motions.
  • Switches are rated 3 amps, 250 Volts AC.
  • Two and three speed switches have cumulative contacts, and a very precise detent feel.
  • Steel hanger ring allows for easy attachment of strain relief cable.
  • Double-break switch contacts are self-cleaning, silver-plated and have generous surface area for trouble free operation.
  • Buttons hoods and name plates are easily removable.
  • Suitable for temperatures ranging from -10°F to 150°F.
  • Pendant Buttons First Row
    Choose first row of buttons on your pendant station.
    Pendant Buttons Second Row
    Choose second row of buttons on your pendant station.
    Pendant Cable Length
    Cable should be 4ft less than lift. Strain relief included in cord assembly.
    Base Price: $131.75 Customized Price: $131.75
    • Single-Speed
    • Single-Speed
    • 0ft