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Renfroe Model J-Series 16 Ton Rebuild Kit / Repair Kit, 16-J-RK

Renfroe Model J-Series 16 Ton Rebuild Kit / Repair Kit, 16-J-RK

Product Overview

The construction of Renfroe products permits the installation of rebuild parts to be accomplished by qualified personnel utilizing recommended procedures for inspection and installation of each product model as recommended in the Maintenance Section of the Operator's Manuals.

When necessary, worn or damaged parts may be replaced by installing replacement parts or through the use of a Renfroe Rebuild Kit which includes all parts generally replaced due to normal wear. Parts not subjected to daily operating wear are not included in the Rebuild Kit Page

Product Description

This rebuild kit will be compatible with all Renfroe Model J-Series clamps including the J, JP, and JPA lifting clamps. The rebuild kit for the Model J-Series Renfroe Lifting clamp includes the following items.

  • Shackle Pin: 16-JPA-3 - List Price $60.00
  • Shackle Pin Slide Kit: 16-JPA-4 - List Price $44.00
  • Cam Assembly: 16-JPA-5 - List Price $889.00
  • Cam Pin: 16-JPA-6 - List Price $112.00
  • Lock Spring: 16-JPA-7 - List Price $128.00
  • Swivel Jaw: 16-JPA-8 - List Price $178.00
  • Swivel Jaw Pin: 16-JPA-9 - List Price $112.00
  • Swivel Jaw Pin & Spring Kit: 16-JPA-11 - List Price $47.00
    Base Price: $1,383.20 Customized Price: $1,383.20