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M&W - Lifting Beams - Low Headroom, Multiple Length Standard, 10000 lb. Working Load Limit

Lifting Beams - 10,000 lb. Working Load Limit - Low Headroom, Multiple Length, Standard Lifting Beam

Lifting Beams - Low Headroom, Multiple Length Standard

The terms 'lifting beam' and 'spreader' are often used interchangeably but they do have specific meanings and different applications. Lifting beams are designed to be loaded in bending. A simple lifting beam will have an eye or link on the top side to connect to the lifting machine hook and two or more lifting points on the underside to connect to the load. They are ideal for lifting loads which are too weak or flexible to be lifted without support.

This lifting beam has a working Load Limit of a 10,000 lbs.

  • Manufactured to exceed all ASME B30.20 and OSHA regulations.
  • All Lifting and Spreader beams are painted safety yellow for increased visibility.
  • ALL Lifting Beams are proof loaded and shipped with certification paperwork.
  • Durable construction ideally suited to jobsite or warehouse use.
  • All Lifting and Spread beams are made in the U.S.A.
  • All Lifting and Spread beams are machined to exacting tolerances.
  • All lifting equipment individually proof loaded per OSHA requirements
  • Ideally suited for low headroom
  • Item is pictured with standard alloy swivel latch hooks.
  • Outside Length in Feet
    Choose the ideal length for your application
    Choose optimal length.
    Base Price: $1,790.01 Customized Price: $1,790.01
    • Choose the length of your lifting beam.