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3 Ton Gantry Crane - Spanco T-Series - Adjustable Height, All-Steel Construction, 10' - 40' Span Crane

3 Ton Gantry Crane - Spanco T-Series - Adjustable Height, All-Steel Construction, 10' - 40' Span Crane


Spanco T Series Gantry Cranes offer three-way adjustability for span, height, and tread.

Their adjustment flexibility allows use on uneven floors, as well as passage through doorways, aisles, and under mezzanines or other overhead obstacles.

T Series Gantry Cranes come in three makes:

Makes Capacities Overall Heights Span Lengths
All Steel up to 10 tons up to 24'-3" up to 40'
up to 3 tons up to 22'-0" up to 15'

*Longer custom spans available

Features of spanco T Series Gantry Cranes

  • Superior Stability: Engineered design leaves I-beam free to pivot as it self-centers over the load. The “true A-frame” design helps to maintain greater stability, virtually eliminating the swaying motion common to other 3-way adjustable gantry designs. Main legs, brace legs, and caster frames are made of heavy-gauge, square tubing with zinc-plated hardware.
  • Adjustable Span: Exclusive Spanloc™ design securely holds the I-beam during adjustments and when set.
  • Cantilever Options: Deliver materials through end of gantry. Cantilever up to 25 percent of span (4-foot max.) using counterweight.
  • Adjustable Height: Adjust in six-inch intervals using push/pull pins on main legs.
  • Adjustable Tread: A cable assembly is bolted inside the caster frame tubes to prevent overspreading.
  • Heavy-Duty Casters: Four position, swivel-lock casters with moldon polyurethane wheels protect floors from damage.

Options for spanco T Series Gantry Cranes

  • Cart Kits: Attach to caster frames to transform the disassembled gantry into a transportable handcart.
  • Detachable Height Adjustment Kits: Convenient for frequent height adjustments. Eliminates the need for an overhead hoist or forklift truck. Kits consist of two units; order two kits to eliminate transfer of kits from end to end. Use under no-load conditions only.
  • Alternative Caster Styles and Wheel Brakes: Available upon request.

Product Details




T-Series, All-Steel Construction, Adjustable Height

Capacity (Tons)


Overall Span

10' - 40'

Weight, Base Model

1450 lbs

Product Specifications and Dimensions

Downloads and Other Documents

Overall Span
Choose your desired span
Handy Cart Kits
The optional cart kit makes the 3-Way Adjustable T-Series completely portable. The cart kit attaches to the caster frames to transform the knocked-down gantry into a transportable hand cart.
Detachable Height Adjustment Kits
Optional height adjustment kits are convenient for frequent adjustments. These kits eliminate the need for an overhead hoist or fork lift truck. Kits conist of two units and include models to handle gantries with capacities up to 10 tons. Since only one end of the gantry can be adjusted at a time, order two kits to eliminate transfer of kits from end to end.
Special Handling - Freight Surcharge
Products are shipped with freight costs and handling fees paid by Ace Industries and charged to the customer. Orders over $500 (including any backorders) that can be shipped UPS Ground are shipped free. However, items that require "special handling" including Workstation Cranes, Jib Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Crane Kits, Explosion Proof Hoists, End Trucks, and Heavy Duty Wire Rope Hoists will require a freight surcharge that is included in the cost of the product.
Special Handling - Freight Surcharge
Base Price: $4,655.63 Customized Price: $4,905.63
  • 10' span, 6' 1" (min) - 9' 4" (max) height under beam
  • No Kit
  • No Kit
  • Special Handling - Freight Surcharge