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1/2 Ton Gorbel Shop Crane, 15' Runway

1/2 Ton Gorbel Shop Crane, 15' Runway

1/2 Ton Gorbel Shop Crane

Move Heavy Loads With Ease

Shop Crane is a an overhead crane system that distributes the weight of your load over a system consisting of a bridge and two parallel runways. By spreading the weight out, movement and positioning of loads up to 2000 pounds becomes effortless.

No more positioning cherry picker wheels beneath an object, and no reason to recruit friends to help you with a job. Shop CraneTM turns the heavy lifting in your garage into a one person job.

Maximize Your Shop Space

With narrow support columns that can be tucked into your shop’s corners or next to your garage door, Shop CraneTM will give you full lifting coverage in your work bay without becoming an obstacle.

Worried about headroom? Shop CraneTM was designed to maximize the amount of lift possible in standard garages. The bridge runs along the top of the system’s runways, increasing the amount of usable area in your work bay.

Simple Installation

Shop Crane was designed for easy installation in your garage without a lot of assembly, special tools or forklifts. Our components, while very strong, are light enough that two people will be able to lift them without difficulty. With common hand tools, two step ladders and a hammer drill, your Shop CraneTM system will be assembled and ready in just a couple of hours.

Shop Crane Includes

  • 4 columns
  • 1 bridge
  • 2 runways
  • 2 end trucks
  • 1 hoist trolley
Bridge Span
Overall Height
2nd Bridge with End Trucks and Trolleys [Add $775.00]
Tagline Kit [Add $950.00]
Glider Kit [Add $4.00]
2000# Capacity Manual Chain Hoist [Add $79.00]
1000# Capacity Powered Wire Rope Winch [Add $199.00]
2000# Capacity Powered Wire Rope Winch [Add $399.00]
Base Price: $2,799.00 Customized Price: $2,799.00
  • 8ft span
  • 8ft height