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14 Gauge / 4 Cond Cable Reel, 12 Amps, 30' Cable

14 Gauge / 4 Cond Cable Reel, 12 Amps, 30' Cable

Wire Sizing Guide

14 AWG, 4 Conductor 1200 Series Cable Reel, 30' Cable

  • 4 conductors (3 Live + 1 Ground) - Recommended for Single or Three Phase applications
  • 12 amps maximum capacity
  • 30' Cable Only: Length shown is actual cable. Active travel is 25'. Need help sizing your cable? Click here for Ace's wire sizing guide.
  • Stretch application design- See below for diagram
  • Optional pivot or swivel base for applications where cable must pay out in different directions
  • Reel Dimensions: 12" x 7.75" x 14" (l x w x h)

Each 1200 Reel includes:

  • Adjustable Cable Guide Arm: Directs the cable where you need it; 12 possible positions. Includes smooth-running 4-roller guide for minimum cable stress.
  • Ratchet: Locks the cable at the desired extension. Can be disengaged with a pull on the cable, or completely locked out for “constant tension” (stretch) application.
  • Adjustable Ball Stop: Limits cable retraction and prevents damage to cord-end accessories.
  • Precision Slip Ring Assembly: Provides flawless operation and long life.
  • 6 foot Feeder Cord: Provides incoming power to the reel. The 3-conductor reel feeder cord also includes a 3-prong molded plug.
  • Safety Chain Hole: Provides an attachment point for a safety chain when the reels are mounted overhead.
  • Heavy Duty Cable: 600 volt Type SOW-A ccable is pre-installed on the reel
  • Indoor or Outdoor Duty: All reels are rated NEMA 4
  • UL and CSA Listed

Stretch spplication shown. Lift, Drag and Retrieve also available.

Add a Pivot (Swivel) Base
Reels operate best when the cable is pulled straight out from the guide and retracted the same way. To payout and retract cable from various directions, we recommend adding a pivot base. A pivot base allows the reel to rotate up to 345 degrees left to right. This device bolts to the base of the reel in the field.
Add a Kellam Grip
Recommended for all applications, Cable Grips (or “Kellem grips”) maximize cable life by relieving the concentrated strain on individual conductors at the cable termination point. In most installations, the eye of the cable grip is connected to an eye bolt or U-bolt. This allows free movement between the cable and the grip. Allow for a generous cable service loop to minimize the strain on the cable.
Base Price: $444.80 Customized Price: $444.80
  • No Pivot Base
  • No Kellam Grip