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50' or 60' Tagline System w/ Optional Cable

50' or 60' Tagline System w/ Optional Cable

50' Tagline Festoon System with Optional Electrical Cable (Round or Flat)
- Select a clip type (round or flat)
- Select a cable type (if required). Need help sizing your cable? Click here for Ace's wire sizing guide.
- Clip size will be matched to cable if ordered together. Otherwise please verfiy the cable type and size.

Ace Industries tagline festoon kits come complete with the following components.

  • (1) Cable & Hardware - Includes:
    • (2) Eyebolts
    • (2) Thimbles
    • (4) Wire Rope Clips
    • (x) 1/4" Coated Cable: System length plus 2 feet
  • (1) End Clamp Kit
  • (1) Tow Trolley Kit
  • (17) Heavy Duty Cable Trolleys & Clips
    • Standard clips will fit 3/8" to 9/16" round cable. Other diameters are available and must be specified at time of order
    • If system is ordered with cable, proper clips will be supplied.
  • (1) Tow Bar
  • Electrical Cable - Round or Flat Cable (only if selected)
    • 3' additional cable included on each end for connections
Component Specifications:
  • Wheels are nylon.
  • Small bodies are polypropylene and large bodies are nylon
  • Cable clips are polypropylene.
  • Maximum recommended trolley load for single wheel trolley is 10 lbs. and double wheel trolley recommended maximum load is 20lbs.
  • Maximum recommended speed is 200 feet per minute
  • Catenary Wire is steel with polypropylene jacket 1/4” diameter.
  • Allow 1” to 2” sag at center for expansion and contraction on 50 ft.
  • Maximum recommended system span is 50 feet
  • Round cable (if selected) is
Select a Cable Clip Type
Tagline festoon clips are provided with the kit. Please specify whether a round or flat cable will be suspended from the system so the proper clips will be supplied. Standard round cable clips are designed for cable diameters between 3/8" and 9/16". Larger diameter clips are available and must be specified at time of order.
Select a Cable Type & Size (if required)
If required, please select a cable type and size for your application. If you require assistance to select the cable size, please contact an Ace representative.
Choose length
Choose 50' or 60 foot tagline festoon system.
Choose 50' or 60 foot tagline festoon system.
50' Tagline Festoon System
60' Tagline Festoon System [Add $78.75]
Base Price: $445.74 Customized Price: $445.74
  • Round Cable
  • None
  • 50' Tagline Festoon System