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15,300 lb 4" Eye & Eye Gorilla Edge Sling, 3 Ply, Lifting Sling

15,300 lb 4" Eye & Eye Gorilla Edge Sling, 3 Ply, Lifting Sling

Stren-Flex EEF-3-904GE

Product Description

Eye & Eye slings are very adaptable and are a good choice in many lifting situations. The flat eye is usually easier to remove or insert into limited spaces.

Stren-Flex with Gorilla Edge
  • Recommended for all heavy duty slings
  • Most economic abrasion resistance option
  • Most durable nylon sling material available
  • Integrated abrasion resistant fibers on edge
  • Resists cutting and abrasion on edges

Rated Capacity per Rigging Technique


15,300 lbs


12,200 lbs


30,600 lbs

Product Features

  • Available in lengths from 5 to 30 foot
  • Lightweight
  • All-Purpose, low-profile heavy duty sling
  • Tapered at 3" standard
  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Vertical, choker, and basket hitch
  • Most common sling type
  • Made in the USA


To Avoid Injury
  • Do not exceed working load limit
  • Always follow safe rigging practices
  • Do not shock load or impact load
  • Do not replace pin with other than original equipment parts
  • Always inspect for wear and or damage before use.
  • Replace if damaged or worn
  • Please note side load limitations

Downloads and Other Documents

  • Specifications
  • Length
    Choose the desired length for your sling
    Base Price: $62.59 Customized Price: $62.59
    • 5 foot