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3,200 lb 1" Endless Sling, 1 Ply, Lifting Sling

3,200 lb 1" Endless Sling, 1 Ply, Lifting Sling

Stren-Flex EN1-901

Product Description

Endless slings are versatile and used for general purposes. The slings can be rigged in an unlimited amount of ways, and they can be readily adjusted to compensate for wear. Endless slings are popular and easy to use..

Rated Capacity per Rigging Technique


3,200 lbs


2,500 lbs


6,400 lbs

Product Features

  • Available in lengths from 3 to 30 foot
  • Lightweight
  • All-Purpose, low-profile heavy duty sling
  • Readily adjustable to account for wear
  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Vertical, choker, and basket hitch
  • Made in the USA


To Avoid Injury
  • Do not exceed working load limit
  • Always follow safe rigging practices
  • Do not shock load or impact load
  • Do not replace pin with other than original equipment parts
  • Always inspect for wear and or damage before use.
  • Replace if damaged or worn
  • Please note side load limitations

Downloads and Other Documents

  • Specifications
  • Length
    Choose the desired length for your sling
    Base Price: $7.87 Customized Price: $7.87
    • 3 foot