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13,860lbs. J.D. Neuhaus Air Hoist - 3.9 fpm, Profi

13,860lbs. J.D. Neuhaus Air Hoist - 3.9 fpm, Profi

13,860lbs. J.D. Neuhaus - Profi Series Air Hoist

Proven in practice, the JDN PROFI Series air hoists excel in places where safety is paramount. Unlike electricity, compressed air does not generate sparks, making the JDN PROFI Series the hoist of choice in hazardous areas. The highest quality materials, coupled with six generations of experience result in a product that is second-to-none. The PROFI is available with rope or push-button control.

Standard Features

  • Rugged construction, minimum headroom
  • Small and handy relative to its capacity
  • Simple design means low maintenance cost
  • Impervious to dust, vapors, humidity and temperatures
  • Unlimited switching and operation frequency
  • Explosion proof
  • Positive start system ensures a smooth start and consistent operation
Profi Series - 13,860 lbs.
Lifting Speed: Lowering Speed: Headroom: Weight
 3.9 fpm 11.8 fpm 26.5" 242.5 lbs.
Hoist Suspension
Chain Container
Push Button Control Selection
Spark resistant package adder for the hoist [Add $1,716.00]
Spark resistant package adder for the trolley [Add $1,867.00]
Spark resistant trolley for chain [Add $1,300.00]
Corrosion resitant epoxy for the hoist [Add $595.00]
Corrosion resistant paint for the trolley [Add $540.00]
Booster valve for control lengths over 40ft. on/off only [Add $310.00]
Service unit 3/4 inch, filter, regulator and lubricator [Add $320.00]
Poppet Valve for main air emergency stop [Add $745.00]
Base Price: $11,535.80 Customized Price: $11,535.80
  • 10 ft.
  • Hook Mount
  • No Chain Container
  • Pull Cord
  • None