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3 Ton Stahl Wire Rope Hoist - 20/3.3 fpm, Three Phase, SH Series

3 Ton Stahl Wire Rope Hoist - 20/3.3 fpm, Three Phase, SH Series

3 Ton Stahl Wire Rope - SH Series, 20/3.3 fpm, Three Phase

STAHL SH modular wire rope hoist models are available in capacities up to 30 tons. Important standard features include two speed controls, wear resistant wire rope guide, and self-adjusting hoist brake. STAHL SH hoists feature a compact headroom dimension at no extra costs. SH hoists are available with compatible motor driven trolleys. SH hoists can be mounted on double girder trolleys.

  • Control Panel - Fiberglass-reinforced NEMA 4X housing. Weld-resistant contactors standard. Hoist motor management unit with hoist and trolley motor temperature control.
  • Wire Rope Guide - Wear-resistant guide constructed from robust, cast steel alloy. Prevents rope from jumping grooves. Maintains tautness during wind-up.
  • Geared Upper and Lower Limit Switch - Mounted in control panel. Cuts off at upper and lower hook position. Switching for additional stops avahlable.
  • Wire Rope Drum - Designed for maximum safety and service life. Drul grooves machined to HMI-recommended depth of 3/8ths of rope diameter.
  • Gear Reducer - Low noise, smooth-running helical gears with lifetime lubrication. Completely enclosed in monobox housing (except SH6).
  • Hoist Motor - Oversized, heavy duty, TEFC design. Two speeds standard for fast lifting, precise handling. Duty cycles up to 60% (time on vs. off). Power ratings to 49 HP.
  • Hoist Brake - Dual disc, totally enclosed, magnetic brake. Oversized for safety. Self-adjusting. Dustproof.
  • Weight Overload Device (optional) - Safety limit switch activates when hoist is overloaded.
  • Thermal Motor Protection - Standard for hoist and trolley motors.
  • Wire Rope and Load Hook - High strength, flexible wire ropes. Safety factor of 5.0 or better. Longlift hoists have non-rotating ropes. Forged, oversized load hooks. Low profile to maximize headroom. Hooks swivel, have spring-loaded safety latch.
Selction of 3 phase unit.
Base Price: $6,800.00 Customized Price: $6,800.00
  • 460V
  • 20 ft.
  • Base Mount