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1/2 Ton Stahl Electric  Hoist - 32 fpm, 3 phase, ST

1/2 Ton Stahl Electric Hoist - 32 fpm, 3 phase, ST

1/2 Ton Stahl Electric Chain Hoist (Chain Container Included)

Customizable Options: Phase, Lift, Suspension (Note: Control Cord will be 4' less than lift selected)

The ST chain hoist programme from STAHL CraneSystems ranks among the most distinctive and comprehensive on offer. In use in thousands of applications for many decades, modernised and optimised over and over again, this chain hoist is a classic. Powerful, reliable and undemanding as regards maintenance and power consumption. The ST series is available in 13 S.W.L. ranges, from 125 kg to 6,300 kg. It can be used as a stationary hoist with suspension hook or eye, with rigid mounting, or with a push or electric trolley, and is particularly suitable for rugged applications in industry. The innovative and pioneering chain hoist design offers considerable economic advantages. The extremely short headroom available as an alternative for every type of chain hoist optimises the effective hook height while keeping wear on the chain to a minimum. In addition to the standard designs, off-standard versions and individual solutions for customers are available.

  • Extreme– minimum space requirement for maximum height of lift.
  • Ingenious–patented chain guide with integrated suspension, the load is lifted smoothly and without swinging.
  • Compact– ow dimensions, low deadweight.
  • Cost-effective – pratically maintenance free, using the tried and tested chain hoist from the standard ST programme.
  • Smoothtrolleys with no projecting edges for steady cross travel.
  • Stahl: 1005 - 1/2 Ton
    Lift Speed: 32fpm
    Voltage: 230/460V
    Hp: 1.3
    Reeved: Single
    Single Speed/Dual Speed
    Select the lift speed you require. All lift speeds are rated in foot/minute.
    Electrical Phase
    Available in Three Phase.
    Select the lifting height you require. Standard lift is 10' with 6' control cord length. Note: The control cord is always 4' less the lift. If you require a different control cord length call us to customize.
    Suspension Option
    Select the suspension option you want
    Base Price: $2,082.72 Customized Price: $2,082.72
    • Single Speed (32fpm)
    • 460V
    • 10 ft.
    • Rigid Hook