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Fall Protection - Tether Track

Fall Protection - Tether Track

Fall Protection - Tether Track


Using a Gorbel Tether Track™ Rigid Rail Fall Arrest System as your anchor, provides workers with a high degree of mobility and freedom, while preventing falls to lower levels. Standard systems are designed to accommodate multiple workers, each weighing up to 310 pounds with tools.

Gorbel Tether Track™ Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for reducing the risk of injury in elevated work environments. Available in various configurations, including multiple track profiles and support center distances, fall protection can be easily customized to fit every budget and application. All systems are designed by qualified engineers to meet the OSHA 1926 Subpart M construction standard, as well as the ANSI Z359 Fall Protection code.


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Bridge Systems

Gorbel bridge anchor systems provide maximum coverage when a worker’s duties require movement along the X and Y axis. The lightweight, high strength aluminum bridge effortlessly follows as the worker moves within the rectangular coverage area.

Ceiling Mounted Monorail System

Gorbel ceiling mounted monorail systems provide mobility along a single axis for applications when workers need to travel in a straight line.

Fold Away System

Gorbel fold away system allows users to deploy as needed, then fold away when done; maintaining productivity without compromising safety.

Free Standing Monorail Systems

Gorbel freestanding monorail systems provide free standing support when building structure is inadequate for ceiling mounted applications.

Single Pole System

Gorbel single pole systems allows customers to utilize a space-saving design for installation in areas where there is minimal floor space or limited room for foundations.

Swing Arm System

Gorbel swing arm systems provides circular or semicircular fall protection with a compact footprint. Versatile and adaptable; the swing arm can be positioned over the work space when needed and moved out of the way when not in use.