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Fall Protection Systems

Fall Protection Systems

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Fall Protection

Why choose a rigid track fall protection system over a wire rope system?


·         Rigid enclosed track tether fall protection systems provide workers mobility and flexibility. 

·         Rigid fall arrest systems do not sag and require less fall clearance distance.

·         Rigid fall arrest systems are available in many configurations and are customizable.    

·         The risk of secondary fall injuries is reduced, by minimizing the pendulum effect. 

·         Rigid track fall arrest systems do not have to be replaced after a fall.    

·         Wire rope systems must be replaced and recertified by a qualified engineer after a fall. 

·         Rigid fall arrest systems stops the fall sooner, than a wire rope fall arrest system.

·         Ceiling Mounted, Free Standing Monorail Systems, Bridge Systems, Fold Away Systems, Single Pole Systems, Swing Arm Systems, Wall Traveling, Portable Systems, Single and Multiple Track. 

Ace Industries Inc. is an authorized dealer for Gorbel Tether Track systems, Rigid Lifelines, and Elk River Personal Fall Protection.  

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