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J.D. Neuhaus

J.D. Neuhaus

J.D. Neuhaus: Air Hoists

We have been writing pneumatic hoist technology history for over 260 years and have consistently produced innovations. Today, J.D. NEUHAUS is a world-wide market leader in hoist systems, air hoists, chain hoist, air tugger and other lifting equipment.

JDN hoists and winches are particularly small and compact. This widens the range of applications and facilities transportation. Due to the low number of components, service life time is extended and maintenance is simplified. Their hoists are suitable for applications in hazardous areas as the driving medium air, opposite to electricity, does not produce sparks.

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JD Neuhaus Mini Air Hoist

JD Neuhaus Mini Air Hoist

The JDN "Economy Line" mini completes our PROFI series of hoists, proven in heavy-duty industrial applications. The mini brings that famous JDN quality to the light duty sector.
JD Neuhaus Profi Air Hoist

JD Neuhaus Profi Air Hoist

Proven in practice, the JDN PROFI Series air hoists excel in places where safety is paramount. Unlike electricity, compressed air does not generate sparks, making the JDN PROFI Series the hoist of choice in hazardous areas. The highest quality materials, coupled with six generations of experience result in a product that is second-to-none. The PROFI is available with rope or push-button control.

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  • Profi Air Hoist (ESP)
  • Mini Air Hoist
  • Mini Air Hoist (ESP)
  • M Series Air Hoist
  • M Series Air Hoist (ESP)
  • Big Bag Handling Air Hoist
  • Big Bag Handling Air Hoist (ESP)
  • Trolley
  • Trolley (ESP)

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  • Trolley
  • Mini Series Aire Hoist
  • Profi Series - .25TI - 2TI
  • Profi Series - 1.5TI - 3TI/2
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