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Alpha Radio Control Stations

Alpha Radio Control Stations

Alpha radio controls are manufactured in Taiwan by an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. These radios are state of the art and known for their excellent quality, functionality, reliability, durability, and low cost.

One of the prime reasons that these radios are so popular is that they are extremely small and lightweight. Transmitters for the Alpha 500 models, to control standard 3 motion cranes with an on off switch and mushroom emergency stop, weigh approximately 1/2 pound. The basic dimensions are such that they easily fit in a shirt pocket. The Alpha 3000 models weigh in at 21 ounces including batteries.

Download Product Brochures & Specifications

Looking for more information? Download product brochures for complete specifications.

  • Alpha 500 (Version B)
  • Alpha 3000 (Version A)
  • Alpha 4000 (Version A)
  • Twister 2X (Version C)
  • Alpha 600
  • Alpha 3000 (Version B)
  • Twister 2X (Version A)
  • MA100

    Download Product Manuals

    Looking for more information? Download product manuals for complete part breakdowns.

    Alpha Enclosure BCT560A
    Price: $250.00
    Alpha Enclosure BCT580B
    Price: $120.00
    Price: $3.00