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Thern Winches

When it comes to equipment for heavy duty lifting, pulling and positioning, Thern has the experience and expertise you are looking for. Large or small, heavy or light, Thern has designed, manufactured and delivered hundreds of standard and custom cranes and winches for countless customer applications around the world.

Thern products are manufactured to the highest industrial and quality standards because your application is our application. Our experienced engineering and technical sales staff bring total customer commitment to every project. Working closely with you every step of the way, we make sure you are completely satisfied and receive the best product available for your application.

Hand Winches

It’s amazing what one person can move with the power of Thern. Our spur gear hand winches can lift, lower or position up to 10,000 pounds quickly and easily. You can also use a Thern worm gear hand winch for loads up to 4,000 pounds. And regardless of whether you choose a Thern spur gear or worm gear hand winch, you can depend on it to last. Thern engineers not only think about how to build a better performing winch, they also think about how to make it longer lasting by accounting for the demands and environmental conditions, like corrosion, related to your applications. Performance, price, prolonged life. It’s no wonder so many workers turn to Thern.

Electric Winches

Industrial applications are as diverse as the markets they serve. Power winches from Thern are the perfect solution for lifting and pulling applications of all types, large and small. Ranging from 2,000 lb capacity portable electric winches to our heavy-duty winches up to 100,000 lbs to utility air winches up to 23,600 lbs, Thern works with you every step of the way to provide the perfect winch to suit your needs. Our large selection of available options and build-to-order capabilities mean that you get exactly what you need for every application. Featuring long-lasting durable construction, machine cut gearing for precision operation and a variety of durable finishes, Thern power winches are up to the task, lifting or pulling, large or small, even in the harshest conditions and environments.

Air Winches

Rugged, reliable and featuring solid welded steel construction, Thern BIG RED and BIG RED RIDER TA Series air winches are the highest quality air winches available. Heat, dust, sand or salt, they are up to the task even in the toughest conditions. Built to a high quality standard and tested to ensure you get unmatched performance, every BIG RED winch is backed by Thern’s industry-leading Two Year Limited Warranty and professional customer support. And our off-the-shelf turnaround time means you are powered up and working quickly… on the rig, on the ship and in the field.

Davit Cranes

A Davit is a structure, usually made of steel, which is used to lower things over the edge of a long drop-off. A Davit crane consists of an angled beam which pivots over a vertical axis. The booms can be either fixed or adjustable and the cranes can be purchased and installed as a permanent or portable solutions depending on the application. Davit cranes can be purchased as manual hand operated devices or a complimentary power winch can be added to create a power operated material handling solution. One of the greatest advantages for choosing a Davit crane over a jib crane is that the installation is less labor and material intensive because less concrete is necessary for anchoring the base, as illustrated in the image below. This saves the end user a great deal in installation costs.

Download Product Brochures & Specifications

Looking for more information? Download product brochures for complete specifications.

  • 4WS Power Winch
  • 477 Portable Power Winch
  • 4WP2D Winch
  • 4WP2 Portable Winch
  • 4WP2D Portable Winch
  • Heavy Duty Power Winch
  • Spur Gear Hand Winch
  • Spur GearHand Winch Double Reduction Winch
  • Worm Gear Hand Winch

    Download Product Manuals

    Looking for more information? Download product manuals for complete breakdown.

  • 2w40 Winch
  • 4HS Winch
  • 4MW2 Winch
  • 465 Winch
  • 4WS & 4HS Winch
  • 4HPF & 4HWF Winch
  • M401 Winch
  • M452 & M492 Winch
  • MB441,451, &491 Winch
  • Spur Gear Winch
  • Worm Gear Winch