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Chester Hoist

Chester Hoists specializes in matching the exact product to satisfy specific job needs. From low headroom manual hoists for military applications to spark-resistant hoist/trolley combinations for use on offshore oil platforms, Chester Hoist has the expertise to design products to get the job done. The company specializes in engineered products for special requirements such as those for use in hazardous areas, corrosive environments, clean rooms, and other demanding applications.

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Chester Handchain Hoist

Chester Hand Chain Hoists - Chainfalls

The Chester Zephyr is a thoroughly engineered hoist from every standpoint. It has been made light in weight, compact and sturdy enough to serve as a rigger's hoist. Its simplicity of design makes it easy to service and main, insures long touble-free periods of service. It is a stronger, more durable hoist because its fully enclosed construction makes it more shock resistant and impervious to practically any normal operating condition. Outdoors or in, the Zephyr hoist can withstand weather extremes.