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Boat Slings & Marine Slings

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Ace Industries offers high quality Stren-Flex® boat slings. All are MADE IN THE USA and feature cordura wrapped edges and the Stren-Flex® SUPER-TAG! All slings can be customized to include the following options:

Boat or Marina Use
Polyester material is provided in place of standard nylon. Polyester provides superior stretch characteristics as well as reducing hull markings.
Easy Connect Shackles
High strength galvanized carbon web shackles protect the eyes of the sling and provide easier attachment to the lifting hooks. All utilize klik pin (zinc plated) to secure the assembly in place.
Weighted Keel Pad
Sliding keel pad sleeves are made of the same polyester material as the sling. Pads have lead weights sewn in to facilitate sinking of the sling. Standard length is 4'.
Protective Boat Pad(s)
Sliding protective boat pad sleeves (also called chine pads) are designed to protect the boat chines and rub rails during a lift. The pads can be positioned to fit any boat size and are made of the same polyester material as the sling. Standard length is 4'.