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CM 640 Puller

Lever hoists and come alongs are perhaps the most versatile hoist in the world. Inexpensive yet powerful, the manual hoists provide portable lifting power with just a few turns of a handle. When selecting a lever hoist, it is important to consider such things as handle pull required, handle length and frame material. Ace offers various types of lever hoists and come alongs, ranging from light to premium duty.

Need more tips on selecting the right lever hoist for you? View Ace's tips on selecting the right lever hoist or call today to speak with one of our hoist experts.

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Premium Model Lever Hoists and Come Alongs

Premium Lever Hoists and Come Alongs such as the Harrington LB Come Along and the CM 640 Puller are designed with total cost of ownership in mind. Recommended for use in heavy-duty construction work, mining, manufacturing, shipbuilding, and day-to-day maintenance and repair.

Economy Model Lever Hoists and Come Alongs

Economy lever hoists designed to maximize initial value. Includes Cable Hoists ideal for construction and commercial applications. These come alongs are ideal for close quarter pulling, stretching, and hoisting applications. Economy models include the CM 653, Jet JLP and the Little Mule Cable Hoist.

Light Duty Lever Hoist and Mini Hoist

The CM 602 mini lever hoist is the most compact ratchet lever hoists in the market. They have the convience of toolbox storage. The Harrington LX Mini come along has a wide range of uses in industrial areas such as transportation, construction and plumbing. The LX is the perfect choice for limitless applications in the consumer market.