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Hand Chain Hoist

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CM Cyclone Chainfall

Chain falls and hand chain hoists are ideal for applications that require portability and value. Ace offers a variety of chain fall hoists, ranging from light to premium duty. When selecting a hand chain hoist, it is important to consider such things as chain pull required, overhaul length (hand chain required to lift the load 1 ft.) and frame material.

Need more tips on selecting the right hand chain hoist? View Ace's tips on selecting the right hand chain hoist or call today to speak with one of our hoist experts.

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Premium Model Hand Chain Hoists

Chain fall hoists designed with total cost of ownership in mind. Constructed with top-of-the-line internal components for the most demanding industrial applications. These hoists are built to withstand rugged, day-in, day-out use and they are easily maintained and repairable making them the perfect hoist for a long-lasting fleet of industrial products. Premium model hoists include the CM Cyclone and Harrington CB.

Economy Model Hand Chain Hoists

These hoists are the economical and practical choice for efficient, trouble-free service. These hoists compact and lightweight design is ideal for construction and contractor applications where portability and easy rigging are critical. Economy chain falls include the CM 622 and Hurricane, Coffing LHH and the Harrington CF.

Light Duty Mini Hoist

The Harrington CX hoist is notably the world's smallest hand chain hoist. Its light weight and extremely compact design make it the ideal tool for high or difficult to reach places. Features include a metal chain guide for durability and smooth operation, grade 100 nickel-plated load chain and strong hook latches with a safety tip.