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Air Chain Hoists

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Heavy Duty Air Hoists

Air hoists provide advantages over electric models such as infinitely variable speed control, higher duty cycles, smaller size, and inherent explosion proof* design. Disadvantages are louder operation and larger hoists require a substantial volume of air from a large compressor to operate.

Air hoists can be equipped with two different control types. Pendants provide more precise load control where pull cords provide lower initial investment. Still not sure how to select the right hoist? Call today to speak with one of our hoist experts.

*The term "explosion proof" applies to electrical components only and does not include mechanical spark resistance features (available as options).

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Budgit 6000, Coffing CAH, Harrington TCR, IR MLK, IR HLK

Heavy Duty Air Hoists

Air Chain Hoists designed for heavy production use. Models have higher duty brakes, gearing, and motors. These hoists can handle applications approaching continuous use.
Budgit 2200, Yale YAL

Standard Duty Air Hoists

These hoists are the economical and practical choice for efficient, trouble-free service. These hoists compact and lightweight design is ideal for construction and contractor applications where portability and easy rigging are critical.
CM Shopair Air Chain Hoist

Light Duty Air Hoists

Designed with value in mind. Total running time should be less than 25% of the work period.
CM Shopair Air Chain Hoist

Spark Resistant Air Hoists

Designed for applications where explosion proof and mechanical spark resistance are required.