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Cargo Control

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Cargo Control

Ace Industries offers a wide variety of high quality Stren-Flex® cargo control products. All Stren-Flex® cargo control products provide superior quality!

Ratchet & Cam-Lock Tie Down Straps

Ace Industries offers high quality Stren-Flex® ratchet and cam-lock tie down straps. These tie down assemblies provide superior quality and are MADE IN THE USA! Stren-Flex® tie down straps are available in 1" - 4" material and can be customized with different hooks for your application. Replacement straps are also available.

Racing Ratchets & Accessories

Ace offers racing ratchets, axel straps, and handlebar tie down straps. Most items ship in 1 to 2 days.

Binder Chain Assemblies

Ace Grade 70 binder assemblies are used by truckers, contractors, farmers and anyone dragging, binding or securing an object or objects. Binder chain assemblies can be made by mechainical connections, in the lengths offered.

Lever Type Load Binder

CM's functionally superior Lever Type Binder provides more control in binding and releasing without extra tools.  There is more take-up for binding greater loads.

Ratchet Type Lever Binder

CM's Ratchet Type Lever Lever Binder has a heavy duty, all steel construction.  Ratchet handle allows infinite adjustment and continuous take-up.  Short reach hooks allow for maximum take-up.

Removable Handle Ratchet Binders

CM's Removable Handle Ratchet Type Binder is a properly tensioned ratchet barrel, with the handle removed, provides greater load security, making it less likeley for your load to be stolen. The removable handel will reduce your overall weight and there is no need for additional handles.

Flat Bed Truck Winches

Ace stocks and offers a bolt on winch and weld on winch. Ace also stocks a winch bar. Flatbed truck winches usually ship same day.


Ace offers J hooks from Columbus McKinnon.  The J hooks come in Grade 43 and Grade 70.  Ace usually can ship these J Hooks in about 7 to 10 days.